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Raffael Thielmann

Where at the ZHdK can you be found?
In the morning at Chez Toni, at lunchtime in the canteen, and in the evening at Mehrspur. But in the main at the Cast / Audiovisual Media office or in seminar rooms.

What motivates you?
On the one hand, the unknown, and on the other, the known.

Who would you like to work with one day?
With Eva Schulz, Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim or Aaron Dessner.

What is your personal definition of design?
Design to me is when thoughts take shape in a creative form.

Teaching assistant
Cast / Audiovisual Media
Foto: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Foto: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Raffael Thielmann