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The Institute of Design Research (IDR) provides a research environment for innovative and experimental design research. Taking an integrative approach, the IDR pools, coordinates and supports the research activities at the Department of Design.

Thematically, the IDR’s research profile is based on the key topics of the different Subject Areas. Within the overarching thematic clusters of «Health Design», «Global Design» and «Ecology & Sustainability Design», socially relevant questions are explored in interdisciplinary settings and labs. The research concept puts design practice centre-stage, incorporates insights from the fields of humanities, science, social science and the arts, and covers design theory as well as design science.

In national and international cooperation projects with well-known partners from research and industry, the design researchers unlock new perspectives for research and development. Apart from supporting fundamental research, the application-oriented innovation projects focus on knowledge transfer, with the aim of turning research results into products and services, including the founding of spin-offs.

Through a dedicated funding and mentoring programme, emerging researchers are prepared for a career in industry or academia. The programme also offers support for PhD students as well as peer-to-peer exchanges and networking opportunities for researchers.