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Cherry-Ann Morgan

What topics are you personally dealing with at the moment?
I’ve recently been thinking a lot about the idea of migration, access and value. Having recently experienced the immigration process here and seeing the disparity in who is granted access based on your perceived value.

What drives you?
I’m very passionate about sharing aspects of my heritage that I believe everyone can benefit from and the idea of legacy. Would I leave the world better than I found it? I’m working on it.

Who would you like to work with?
I would have loved to work with Keith Haring, as a child I discovered his work on Sesame Street and fell in love with it. There are a couple curators whom I deeply admire: Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung and Kenya Eleison. As well as Christopher Cozier, an artist and designer from Trinidad and Tobago who has been instrumental in the Caribbean region in facilitating discussions around the future of the creative industry.

What is your personal definition of design?
For me design is the act of making and creating, it's a simple capacity which can be expressed without the formality of tools, training or expertise. I’d like to think that my definition was developed through my research exploring how design has been done within societies who have not been typically associated with design. But the definition was honed by observing the way in which the creators and makers from the global majority do design. These designers may not even see themselves as professional designers as they may not have the tools or formal education that some may consider as necessary to design. Yet it's undeniable that the way in which they think and create that they embody and enact design.

research associate
Bachelor of Arts in Design
Photo: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Photo: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Cherry-Ann Morgan