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Chris Elvis Leisi

What does a typical working day involve for you? / What determines your working day?
I have a position in the Subject Area Game Design and another one in the Immersive Arts Space of the ZHdK, and also run my own company, so I switch back and forth between the different areas of work and try to manage them as effectively as possible.

Which topics are you focussing on at the moment?
Apart from my work at the ZHdK, I am carrying on with my Master’s project «Virtual Real Rooms» – a Mixed-Reality Playground in your own home – for which I try to find partners and secure funding.

Who would you like to work with one day?
I only started teaching in Game Design in the autumn term of 2021 and can now or will work together with people who were previously my teachers. I look forward to these encounters under new circumstances.

What is your personal definition of design?
For me, design must have a target group. I find it important to keep that target group in mind with every decision I make. When I develop a game, I do it for myself as well, but if the players don’t enjoy it, then I have to rethink the project and develop it further.

Research Associate Game Design
Game Design
Chris Elvis Leisi
Foto: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Foto: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.