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Leonie Blasi

Where at the ZHdK can you be found?
Often in my office and sometimes also in the library or on the roof terrace. I appreciate meeting different people as part of my everyday office work, and having an exchange with them. I like the library for its quietness and the books – I find it’s a good place to concentrate.

What motivates you?
I am motivated by changes – at an individual level, but also globally. The author Jon Acuff has coined the phrase «Be brave enough to be bad at something new.» There is a lot of truth in that. If we only follow paths that are already laid out and do things that we are good at anyway, we run the risk of missing out on valuable experiences.

With whom would you like to switch roles for half a year?
Off the top of my head, I can think of many alternatives. I would deliberately opt for a different everyday working life, a different type of work and/or a different spatial environment: as a marine biologist, a farmer on an alp, or a gardener, for example. I also really like the idea of running my own cafe for a while.

What is your personal definition of design?
Design to me has a strong aesthetic component. Besides aesthetics, functionality is very important to me as well. Good design is something that enriches life both on a visual and practical level and is ideally in touch with reality.

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Leonie Blasi
Foto: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Foto: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.