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Dr. Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken

What does a typical working day involve for you?
I have a number of different roles, and because of that my working life is very varied. As the Head of Institute, I above all deal with orchestrating, developing and raising the profile of the department’s research. I am also very actively engaged in research and teaching. Outside my work at the ZHdK I am CEO of my own start-up Sphery – a ZHdK research spin-off. So the answer lies somewhere between committees, field and lab studies, writing sessions, workshops, mentoring early-stage researchers, teaching, securing external funding, and the typical start-up life.

Where at the ZHdK can you be found?
Corresponding to my «various hats», you can find me at a range of different places: in virtual meetings with international research partners, in the lab testing new prototypes with test participants or in the library absorbed in a paper-writing marathon. In-between, a short stroll on the roof terrace is a must and helps me order my thoughts and ideas.

Which topics are you focussing on at the moment?
Apart from the strategic development of research at the Department of Design and exploring shared topics such as «health design», I conduct interdisciplinary research with a focus on the design and evaluation of exergames and serious games (for health) in different application contexts.

What motivates you?
I have always really enjoyed learning new things and understanding them in detail. My interests are wide-ranging, and I draw inspiration and motivation from this variety and diversity. I also like working with a wide variety of people and accomplishing things together.

Managing Director Institute for Design Research
Departement Design
Dr. Anna Lisa Martin-Niedecken
Photo: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.
Photo: David Jäggi. © ZHdK.