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Exhibition Gewerbemuseum "The Bigger Picture"

"The Bigger Picture: Design - Women - Society" at the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur makes the work of female designers visible over a period of 120 years. It extends the exhibition "Here We Are! Women in Design 1900 - today" at the Vitra Design Museum with positions from the Swiss context. At the same time, with selected works, it opens up a forum for a forward-looking discussion with a view to current developments in design and social change. 

Gender relations and diversity as well as social justice and ecological and economic sustainability will also be addressed. Thus, "The Bigger Picture" not only wants to make women's achievements more visible and bring in social dimensions of design, but also deals with how we can make our world more inclusive and diverse in the future.

The Trends & Identity department is involved with the following positions:

- Gender & Body in Design, Semester 1 Trends & Identity, led by Bitten Stetter, Laura Haensler and Patrik Ferrarelli.

- Gender Salon, Larissa Holaschke

- Finally, Bitten Stetter

In the context of the exhibition, a Gender Salon will also take place on Thursday, 23 February. The focus will be on the topic of food and gender: from chip bags to crispy salty potato slices, Larissa Holaschke and Laura Haensler will shed light on numerous gender aspects in the design of food and discuss them with the audience.

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