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Five ZHdK successes on the third Project Call of the DIZH Innovation program

Shaping the Future

The third Project Call on the DIZH Innovation program yielded a selection of 14 projects to be funded in areas such as health and medicine, education and science or society and communication. The approved projects use innovative approaches to help shape the future of Zurich as a research and business location in a positive and sustainable way.

The funded projects deal with deal with topics as diverse as individualized medical care, creative learning approaches, social responsibility and environmental awareness or barrier-free mobility. What they all have in common, however, are innovative approaches based on interdisciplinary collaboration, a practical focus, transparency and sustainability. The projects will receive between CHF 100,000 and 300,000 each from the DIZH special credit.

The five approved projects with ZHdK involvement include Digital Interfacing: The Minimalist Manifesto, which shows schools ways in which they can shape digital change using existing resources, and Computer Science and Computer Music in Schools, which builds a bridge between computational thinking and musical-compositional thinking.

All ZHdK projects on the DIZH Innovation program are presented on the ZHdK website; more about the third Project Call on the Innovation program, as well as an overview of all funded projects can be found on the DIZH website.

For further information about the DIZH Innovation program at ZHdK, please contact the Contact Point DIZH Innovation programme.

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