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Bally – A History of Footwear in the Interwar Period

"Bally – A History of Footwear in the Interwar Period" has just been published open access by transcript.

The book was edited by Anna-Brigitte Schlittler and Katharina Tietze and contains contributions from Henriette-Friederike Herm, Daniel Späti and Roman Wild. It was supported by the Swiss National Foundation.

The history of modern footwear can be traced through the lens of Bally, a Swiss shoe company founded in 1851. This book brings together the results of research focusing on the 1930s and 1940s: years of economic crises and war, characterized by a wide diversity of designs and increasing variety in product range. It’s a contribution to the history of fashion as a history of industrially manufactured products.

Layout: Maja Siebrecht
Layout: Maja Siebrecht